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Meet the low-latency,
no-camera tracking technology of the future.

Sixdof's optical sensors and algorithm code integrated into your OEM hardware uses infrared lights as beacons to report object or user position/orientation at blazingly high speed.



Tracking: the Bridge Between
the Digital and Physical Worlds

Quadcopter Drone with Delivery Package.H03.2k.png
Military Drone.H03.2k.png

Factory/Warehouse Logistics

Track all your moving vehicles in a factory or warehouse open space, including robots, forklifts, and trains. 

Each sensor independently calculates and sends the host server the positional data of its vehicle.  Our simple API allows you to interface the data into your existing software.


Data transfer between sensors and the host can be achieved over your existing communications interface.

Side Loading Forklift Truck Orange.H03.2k.png
Generic VR Headset.H03.2k.png

Guiding that drone down for the last 20-40m is no simple feat, especially in sunlit outdoor environments.


The Sixdof sensor unit locks into a uniquely coded beacon for centimeter-level accuracy on a stationary platform or moving deck.

Download our DroneTech Brochure (PDF) and view demo videos of our drone technology and landings here.

Drone Landings

Metaverse and Augmented Reality

Military Vehicle Navigation

Integrating the Sixdof technology into standard and custom AR headsets enabled smoother and faster head tracking. A device using Sixdof tracking can transmit lightweight coordinates instead of data-intense photographic imagery. This impacts speed, bandwidth, and latency, and is a performance game-changer.

Another key benefit: In our privacy-obsessed society, collecting footage with cameras is often a show-stopper that Sixdof helps you avoid.

Land or air-based autonomous vehicles can follow or travel alongside another vehicle in its fleet by installing lights and the Sixdof sensor unit on the two sides of the vehicle. This technology allows each moving vehicle to “see” the vehicle in front and behind, and to easily follow it without risk of collision. 


One Platform, Six Game-Changing Differentiators







Let's get together and talk!

March 13: Technology demonstration at the US Airforce Air-to-Air Refuelling Mechanism
Showcase Event - Arlington VA

March 14: Available for meetings and demonstrations in the DC/VA/MD Area

March 18: Available for meetings and demonstrations in the NY/NJ/CT Area


HBe in touch to set up meetings.

Our Customers Recognize...


Specific technical gaps with their new products’ tracking capability


Sixdof technology can fill these gaps, speeding up time to market and eliminating  development costs


They can easily justify the funding and manpower overhead to invest in a pilot project and, when successful, an implementation with Sixdof

Interested in learning more?
Here's our backgrounder series.

Ready to learn more about our Development Kit?

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