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Landing on a Moving Platform with Sixdof Technology

Landing a drone on a moving platform is not a simple feat. The challenge can be enhanced by confounding factors such as unfavorable weather conditions and high-frequency vibrations of the platform — not to mention the risks associated with missing the target, which can result in your drone hitting the pavement at high speed or falling into the water beside your boat. These are outcomes you’d prefer to avoid.

At Sixdof, we face these challenges by anchoring IR beacons to the landing target and a corresponding Sixdof sensor to the bottom of the drone. This system provides low-centimeter level guidance for those critical last few meters of a drone landing. The IR beacons work in all lighting conditions, from bright sunlight to pitch darkness. The Sixdof sensor provides position and orientation (full 6DOF) tracking at a rate of 400 Hz, to ensure that complex movement of the landing platform, including high-frequency vibrations, can be detected and the drone can adjust its landing trajectory accordingly.

Below is a comparison of Sixdof against other leading drone landing technologies:

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