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Our Target Positioning and Tracking systems are sold in two variations. Both our Sixdof Falcon and Sixdof Cheetah systems use our Kipa sensor and our Basalt beacon system and provide high-speed positioning with full 6DOF tracking.

Falcon Logo.png

Tracking where sensor is moving and beacons are fixed. For example, an autonomous drone landing or robotic arm tracking

Cheetah Logo.png

Tracking where one or more sensors are stationary, and the beacons are moving. For example, a motion capture environment


  • High-Resolution Drift-Free Optical Tracking
  • Fully independent of GPS
  • Operates under conditions of total darkness to full sunlight, able to tolerate high winds and adverse weather conditions
  • Full 6DOF Pose (position and orientation) to 8 meters with cm level accuracy
  • Target heading up to 100 meters
  • Simple SDK available
  • Simple Installation and Maintenance
  • High Speed (updates every 2.5 ms)
  • For use on Windows and Linux Systems (ROS2 and Android versions will be released soon)
Sixdof Falcon and Cheetah are high-speed systems providing full 6DOF tracking data, enabling autonomous positioning.  Our algorithms calculate the full 6DOF position in real time, enabling precision drone landings, autonomous robot control, and tracking of smart devices such as VR headsets.
The system includes:
  • One or more Kipa Optical Tracker Sensor Boards

  • Comprehensive software studio includes tracking algorithms, host processing SDK, demonstration software and visualization tools

  • IR Beacons available at different power levels ranging from low centimeter up to 100 meter tracking distance


  • Precision low-latency angular and 6DOF tracking
  • Low computational requirements (no DSP/GPU)
  • Continuous optical lock during high-rate movement
  • Clearly defined API enables a range of use cases
  • Software includes system integration examples
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