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Why is positioning and tracking even important?

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Welcome to a series of articles we are creating to provide an overview of 6DoF tracking and its value in the many technology sectors in which it can — and will — play a pivotal role. Through these articles, we hope to help you understand the innovation that Sixdof Space brings to this exciting field.

Imagine a factory with a dozen robotic fabricators, 100 forklifts, and a dozen other automatic and manned vehicles moving dynamically. How does factory management monitor and control the logistics and safety of this setup in real time?

Here’s another: How can a drone or UAV navigate those last 25 meters to your front lawn or patio to deliver a package, without an ultra-precise tracking and positioning system?

How does a robotic machine — in a factory, surgical suite, or up in space — know how to move the arms in a precise, coordinated fashion, without a tracking and positioning system?

And then there’s the metaverse and augmented reality: How would the screen on an AR or VR headset know what image to display and in what orientation, as you move your head, without a positioning system?

Tracking technologies bridge the digital and physical worlds.

There are many systems for accomplishing these goals on the market today: There are solutions that rely on GPS, IR, RF, EMF, cameras, and others – all competing for market share. Each solution has its benefits and drawbacks, with some a better fit for specific use cases than others.

Sixdof Space has created an optical tracking approach offering long-awaited breakthroughs in speed/latency, accuracy, and power. Our patented technology leverages infrared lighting to serve as location beacons. Embedded in any manufacturer’s existing hardware, our products will independently report accurate position at a very high speed, to any host system. We combine optics, electronics, and algorithms in a single package for deployment in a variety of products in multiple industries.

One key advantage of our approach over others is privacy — we’ll talk about that in a future article.

While our initial market focus was on the VR sector (head tracking), we are today running a series of integration projects with many companies in areas like defense/aerospace, AR maintenance & entertainment, Industry 4.0 – warehouse/factory logistics, drones, robotics and medical.

For more information, download our one-pager or technology presentation.


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