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Sixdof Development Kit for Drone Use Case 
Cost: US $2,500 each + Freight

About the Kit:

The SDS661 Development Kit allows you to begin testing and integrating with your own drone application. The SDS661 Sensor that is included in the kit can be installed on your drone. The kit includes four lower powered beacons and one higher powered beacon, these are setup on the ground as your landing pad. The Sixdof software and algorithms run on your drone's companion computer or on a computer that can be as simple as a Raspberry Pi 3b. The software includes Windows and Linux versions.

Drone Landing.jpg

The Starter Kit contains:

  • A Sixdof SDS661 Sensor Unit

  • Four low powered IR beacons and one high powered IR beacon

  • Power supply and cabling

  • SDK and API to integrate the Sixdof system into your product

  • Up to 10 Hours remote support

  • User Guide

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