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Sixdof Starter Kit
Cost: US $2,500 each + Freight

About the Kit:

Using a SDS641 Sensor attached to an object allows you to track the position of that object as it moves. Combining multiple Sixdof Sensors spread over multiple objects, allows you to track the movement of each object as they each move around.

The Sixdof SDS641 Starter Kit allows you to quickly create a test setup to demonstrate the operation of the SDS641 Sensor and help you plan the implementation of its use.

Paul with Starter Kit.jpg

The Sensor contains a small processing board integrated with Sixdof’s custom optic lenses and light-sensitive Linear Optical Sensor (‘LOS’) devices. The SDS641 is a blend of algorithms, optics, and electronics.

The Starter Kit contains:

  • A Sixdof SDS641 Sensor

  • Four Sixdof Flint coded IR beacons

  • An IR Beacon Template used to create an example map file

  • Power supply and cabling

  • Starter Kit User Guide. The API information provided in the guide shows how you parse the data packets.

With every Starter Kit, Sixdof also provides you with several hours of technical support to help you integrate the SDS641 Sensor’s optical tracking with your specific applications. We’re here to get your application up and running as quickly as possible and give you the expert advice to do just that.

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